wholesale hematite jewelry - hematite beaded necklace with cat eye power bead

Wholesale Hematite Jewelry

Onnline hematite gemstone jewelry store wholesale supply low cost hematite magnetic and non-magnetic jewelry feature a perfect blend of magnetic therapy power and trendy fashion jewelry design. Our wholesale hematite jewelry collection include hematite necklaces, hematite bracelets, magnetic lariats which can be worn as bracelets, anklets, chokers or necklaces. Hematite jewelry are unique handcrafted jewelry and gifts made of natural semi precious gem stones and are fitting for any occasion.

Wholesale Hematite Jewelry - Wholesale Magnetic Jewelry
Wholesale Hematite Wrap Necklace Bracelet Ankelet

hematite beaded necklace with power bead cat eye beads

hematite beaded necklace with power bead cat eye
The 17" inches long hematite necklace in multi power healing cat eye beads in triple chains design brings you the glorious look and energy.

Length: 17inches long

Wholesale Price Per Dozen : USD$30

Magnetic New Age Style Jewelry Gift